Cyrus "Cy" Borgenstein

Inventive and intuitive but also skeptical and somber.




Cyrus Borgenstein was raised by a single mother in Cerulean City. His mother was a librarian for the local library, his father left them when Cy was 2. Cy’s mother always wanted the most for him educationally and put all her time and effort into helping him strive in school. Cy always had a fondness for mechanical work and repairing broken objects so he focused on hands on trades such as mechanics and engineering. He graduated with honors in the small class of students and wanted to pursue a collegiate engineering degree. If it weren’t for the sudden realization that he would have to help his mother after the Pokemon War ravaged the local economy. Cy was referenced by his uncle to a position at the electric company located on the outskirts of town. He loved working there using his hands to build and feeling a part of a constructive team. Until one day he was laid off after a large bird-like creature demolished most of the company he worked at. Coincidentally the same creature had taken a local boy’s mother the same day. Cy was roped into helping against his criticisms and took off along with a whole new group of adventurers to help this boy by the name of Jack.

Cyrus "Cy" Borgenstein

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