Vance Kriesst

It was prophesied that he would be the very best......



Vance is 15 years old, 5’7, Ginger hair with blue and green highlights. His eyes are Hazel. Wears a pokemon Red cap, with a red open button up shirt, and a white shirt underneath. Wears Jean shorts, and has a utility belt. He is always up for an adventure.


Before he was born, Arceus prophesied along with Lord Helix that that Vance Kriesst would be brought into the world to save the pokemon and human kind from the invasion of the distortion world. At a young age, he realized that he had a special connection to life on the planet. Then Mewtwo appeared to him late at night in his dream. He told Vance that he has a special gift called,“The Poke’force”. This power allows Vance to be connected to all the life around him. When he battles his pokemon, he feels what they feel during battle. Then he can summon incredible amounts of energy that creates an aura around him. He then can transfer all of that energy to a pokemon to either push that pokemon to its mega level, or a super form. This energy can also heal pokemon. The healing depends on the amount of energy that is spent on it. The ultimate abilitiy of the Poke’force is that Vance can gain the abilities and attacks of a pokemon. He must first synchronize with a specific pokemon’s energy level, then flow energy into it. Then he gains the abilities or attacks of the chosen pokemon. He comes from a average family that had financial problems. He left on his pokemon journey after his father passed away due to brain cancer. Before he got to his first gym battle, Arceus revealed itself to him. It told him that he would become the very best, but that he would not catch them all, but he would be a pokemon master. Then later on a journey he crossed paths with Dialga and Celebi in a battle with Giratina and Darkrai. Their was a masked trainer that was fighting with Dialga and Celebi. This mysterious person reveales himself to be Vance from the future. Present Vance shocked runs at him to ask questions, but Celebi creates a flash of light, and then the pokemon and future Vance disappear. Then almost a year later, right before Vance goes to fight the elite four, he came across Yveltal. The creature was laying down. Yveltal looked like it had taken a lot of battle damage. Vance looked around and saw Giratina going back into the distortion world. Vance could feel Yveltal’s sadness and pain. As Vance begins to cry, a huge amount of energy releases from him and he gives all of it to Yveltal. It heals Yveltal to 100 percent health. Vance could feel Yveltal’s graditude towards him. Vance told Yveltal to join him on his quest. Vance told Yveltal that he didn’t have to steal the life energy of others to survive, that he would give him energy to live on, until he died. Yveltal shed a single tear and bowed before Vance. Vance held out a Cherish ball that he received from winning a battle, and Yveltal entered it. Now Vance is on his way to fight the Elite Four. His pokemon are Blastoise, Sylveon, Blaziken, Emolga, Pidgeot, and Yveltal.

Vance Kriesst

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